November 12, 2008

Real Housewives of Atlanta

I cannot, CANNOT stop watching this trainwreck of a show.  SERIOUSLY, it is a total trainwreck.

In our latest episode, Kim (who is dating Big Papa, aka Quincy Jones) wants to be a country music star - which I guess you can give a good try at if you're 39 and dating a music industry giant.  So he intros her to Dallas Austin, a BIG NAME in music who produces albums of all the big stars.  Dallas visibly laughs every time she tries to sing, but I guess he has to give her a shot because of his boss.  So he sends her to THE vocal coach in the industry.  The vocal coach tells her she CANNOT SING and has no idea what she's doing.  So she decides to try and record anyway, and OF COURSE Dallas has to comply.  So he takes her into the studio and records her, much to my ear pain.  Then he plays it back to her and she's HORRIFIED (as she should be).  They don't say what'll happen next - I hope she throws in the towel as she CANNOT SING.

Then there's DeShawn.  Who is married to a basketbal pro.  They moved into a new house.  She is the one that whines about being a single mom while her husband travels.  She would be a single mom if it wasn't for her Chef, Nanny, House manager, house keeper, Executive Assistant and there was one other title that I didn't catch.  Single-mom my ass.  She says "I always KNEW I would be somebody!".  Hello?!  All you did was marry well!  That doesn't make you "Somebody".  Not by a longshot.

And NeNe.  Such a trashy lady I've never seen.  She makes fun of Kim, who is supposed to be her best friend when she's hammered.  She just acts like a total waste of a person.  I don't know why these people even hang with her.  At least these other women are Nice and are trying to do something (even if they are failing).

Sheree is the one DIVORCING a sports star.  She expects seven figure settlement, which she repeats often.

I cannot stop watching!  In the next episode, Kim and NeNe have a falling out!  OH MY!

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