November 13, 2008

what is wrong with me?

i can't even read that last post w/out crying.  I see my little girl, at 19 months old, and think - "someone had a little one just like her and didn't want her."  Didn't want to love and protect her.  Didn't want to kiss her lovely hair.  Didn't want to snuggle up with her or make her smile.  Kiss her boo boos.  Put on darling little socks.  How could someone NOT want that?  I saw her knocking on the door to her dad's office saying "daaaaaaaaaaaaaad'  and i just burst into tears thinking this girl, at one time was 19 months old with no daddy that loved her like she was his world.  Every girl loves her daddy, and this girl having a daddy that abused her makes me sick.  I hope he rots in jail and that the inmates really treat him as he treated her.  Did you read that she got pneumonia from almost being drowned in the tub?  How sick and frail she must've been - and that no one swooped in and cradled that poor girl.  It is so heartbreaking.  I wish they would let me at those people.  HOW CAN THEY HAVE DONE THIS TO A CHILD?


Red said...

I cou;dn't even read the entire article. It was too much.

enjanerd said...

Human bite marks? A shock collar?? This is seriously disturbing.

Momisodes said...

It is so tragic. I just cannot even fathom how ANYONE could do that. Anyone.