November 06, 2008

goodness! PEOPLE!

$51 for a copy of yesterday's Washington Post?!

I say, if you have one, SELL IT!  If some fool is willing to PAY YOU $51 so a newspaper can turn yellow in their attic, SELL IT!  GET IT OUT OF YOUR HOUSE.  Sell it while the getting's good!  Seriously - that paper is going to sit in a drawer somewhere and not be seen for years, when it'll be yellow and falling apart.

People are crazy!


enjanerd said...

Holy cow! Washington post could get an extra few months of revenue by printing extra copies and selling them on ebay. Sheesh.

I went through the same thought process as you -- it would just get old in a box somewhere. I would probably accidentally recycle it before too long. I ended up downloading the front page PDF WaPo posted yesterday and filed it with related election pictures I've taken this year.

Momisodes said...

I KNEW I should have bought the paper yesterday!