August 16, 2008

my little monkey

Hubby left today for a 7 day business trip - he left 4 hours after we got home from the beach.  We got up at 3:30 a.m. to drive home.  And I've been at the beach for 7 days with three small children.
And of course the following happens:
1.  we arrive home to no air conditioning.
2.  BabyT shut the garage door on the Yukon XL open rear hatch.
3.  BabyT shut off the pool chlorine generator before we left for the week.
4.  BabyJ learned how to scale the baby gate that is all mesh - the one they advertise as "unclimbable" because it's all soft and has nothing to grab onto.  That one.  So she can now access the steps at will.
5.  BabyJ has figured out how to climb out of her crib and drop on her head.  Because she's so young, she doesn't forsee that this will happen EVERY TIME and keeps doing it.  I turned the crib around so the short side is against the wall so then she climbed the HIGH SIDE and almost fell on her head.  Fuck.
6.  Did I mention Hubby is out of town?
7.  I need to work from home this week (see item 6) and the laptop downstairs won't connect to the internet.
8.  AC repair guy to come tomorrow.
9.  BabyJ gets hot easily and cannot sleep if it's too warm in her room.  See Item 5.  Again, I am totally screwed.
10.  Blondy and Red are partying in OC with out me.  How in the hell did that happen???

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Red said...

We sooo missed you!!!!!!