August 04, 2008

planning a good-bye for the intern

We have an awesome intern at work.  He is fantastic and basically does the work of a regular employee while he's here (no photocopying all summer for him!).

His last day is Wednesday and we're trying to plan a going away event.  For a long time we were going to do indoor go-karts.  Until we discovered it is $80 per person to do that.

So then we've been emailing back and forth (and killing the Outlook server) about what to do -

The choices we came up with were:

Laser Tag
Visit Museum

Then we disucssed Mini-Golf and decided it would be too hot.

Then Bowling.  And cue the discussions on lack of socks worn today by the women on team (ok, I started that discussion, but WHO WANTS TO WEAR BOWLING SHOES WITHOUT SOCKS?  EWWWW).

So we're going to play pool.

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