August 03, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!

YAY!  It's my birthday!  Hubby let me sleep in and then prepared me a great breakfast that included a wheat bagel and COFFEE CAKE and flowers!

Then at 10, he went to the Fractured Prune and got fresh donuts for a snack!

Then he helped me take the kids to my grandparents because she made me an awesome southern cake (with the homemade southern hard chocolate icing!).

pretty good, eh?

My girlfriend says the reason I don't hate being 35 (she turned it in March) is that I have no wrinkles!  Maybe that's why, but I don't feel older than I did when I was about 23?  (except of course when I have to change a diaper or break up a fight!).


Anonymous said...

Happy BDay!! It sounds like it's going right :)
xoxo, GFF

TheAngelForever said...

Happy belated B-day. My husband shares the same special day with you :)