August 06, 2008


We keep our strollers either in the backs of our SUVs or in the garage.  My preference is in the SUVs because of the bugs and dirt in the garage, but whatever. 

Well, today, while taking the 3 kids on a totally joyous fun-filled trip to Target, I look at Preschooler and see A HUGE SPIDER ON HIS CHEST.  And he wasn't wearing a Spiderman shirt! ;-)

Of course I start screaming and am trying to extricate him from the stroller and get him to let go of the fruit roll up he's eating (that stuff is like crack for them I swear) so I can flick it off.

What if it bit him?  Where is my hubby when I REALLY need him? GROSS GROSS - what if it ALREADY bit him somewhere?  Yikes.  NOW the strollers will be stored inside our vehicles.

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