August 26, 2008

maybe i'm not supposed to work today!

It took me an extra 53 minutes and $3 to get to work today.

My normal route was STANDING STILL (rt. 606 to rt. 28).  Since rt. 606 goes, in a roundabout way, also to my office I decide to not get on 28 (well, at least to get out of line to get on 28, since the line wasn't moving).  1 minute down 606 IT also comes to a complete standstill.  It is a small road and unable to handle the overflow of everyone, like me, ditching rt. 28.  I turn around and head back towards home and get on the mega-expensive toll road - it is $3 and I go 1 mile on it.  It is also a parking lot, but one that is moving at 0.25 mph because the 6 lanes thru the toll booth merge down to TWO lanes 50 feet after the toll booth.  Good planning there, State of Virginia!

So it took me 60 minutes to get from my house, to my office 7 miles away.  I love Northern Virginia.

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