September 07, 2008

Sunday School!

I had the older 2 boys signed up for Sunday school.  My parents always just dropped us off at the church and went back home, so I assumed BabyJ and I would go find something to do for an hour then return to pick up the kids.

As I dropped TodderT off at his 2 year old class (where he was THRILLED to be there) it occurred to me that they were sort of expecting the parents to be around, in the building somewhere.  hmmm.  what to do then?

So I took BabyJ to the nursery and asked if I could hang out in there with her - they had the service on closed circuit TV (this is quite the nice fancy church - and the people are the friendliest I have ever met).  So I get her settled and am just sort of hanging out oddly watching her and the sermon.

One of the room mothers urged me to go to the service - BabyJ is fine!  Go! she says.  Hmm.  Go do something adult?  On a whim?  Ok...I left the room and peed thru the window a couple of times and BabyJ was happily eating cheerios and hanging w/the other kids.

So I went up to service.  This is easily the first time I've been to church that wasn't for a wedding, funeral, or Christmas service in I don't even know how many years.

And you know what?  I ENJOYED IT.  I enjoyed the sermon and I enjoyed just watching the people  - thinking they all got up today and came to the early service simply to feed their soul.  I came to entertain my kids on a long Sunday and got some wonderful sermon as a surprise.

So guess what?  Next Sunday we'll go back (Son also LOVED his class) and I'll be ready for the adult service.  I really really did enjoy myself and enjoyed listening.

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