September 04, 2008

even my toddler knows stomping feet doesn't work

Anyone notice bloggers that are for Obama are angry this week?  Quite a lot of them are saying (in summary) that "you are a fool if you don't see it the way I do".  I don't know if they are all of a sudden more worried now that Sarah Palin has appeared?  Are they worried the treatment of Palin will sway Obama voters her way?  They seem to be doing a lot of tantrum throwing all of a sudden. 
I won't stop reading any of the blogs I follow that may declare their love for Obama / throw a tantrum.  I probably read them because they are funny, not because I'm looking for politcal guidance.  But it does give me more insight into them, and that is always good.
But throwing a public tantrum and pretty much calling me a stupid redneck for not voting the same way as you?  NOT GOING TO EARN OBAMA any votes!
I am not a Republican on all issues - far from it.  But I am extremely against national healthcare (why is it my responsibility to pay to provide healthcare to everyone? I thought I was only responsible for the little people I birthed, but excuse me if I am wrong on that count), I am VERY against higher taxes (we fall into upper class because of income limits, but living in the DC area, are NOT WEALTHY because our area pretty much requires 2 incomes to survive).  I am willing and always seek out other people's opinions in case there is an area where I am either mis-informed or don't have enough experience/knowledge in that area to make an informed decision (example: CecilyK and Julia single-handedly changed my view from pro-life to pro-choice) - but foot stomping is not the way to do it.
Ask my two year old - any request bundled with foot stomping gets no attention from me.

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enjanerd said...

I actually haven't seen the same response. Most, if not all, the people I've discussed Palin with are in agreement that she is severely underqualified. And the experience the campaign is focusing on is exaggerated (international experience = close to Russia?), which makes it clear that they are aware, but don't consider it an issue.

At this point, I am trying to strictly compare Obama to McCain on issues I care about and their plans to fix/address things and leave Biden/Palin out of it. But Palin's continuing issues (under investigation, misleading about her stance on the bridge to nowhere, earmarks, etc.) do seem to reflect poorly on McCain. I *know* there are more qualified Republican women.

And, no, I don't think you're a stupid redneck. From what I've seen, you've been very consistent on the issues important to you and I can even empathize with your opinion enough (it's a reasonable argument!) to not try to change your mind. But if there are any Hillary supporters who vote for McCain simply because a woman is on the ticket, I will call *them* names. ;)