September 04, 2008

so. let me get this straight...

Obama can run for PRESIDENT with small children and that is fine.

Palin is being criticized for running for VICE PRESIDENT with small children?

Seriously people, get it together.  If you want to criticize her on her past performance, etc., do so, but leave the child-rearing part out of it. 


Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

...and the last time I checked, the spouse of the Vice President doesn't typically hold down a full-time job. I do not mean to disrespect any of the women who have traditionally held the position of Spouse of the Vice President, but they have only held ceremonial positions, or have worked on pet projects.

Somehow, I cannot believe Todd Palin will be able to continue in his current career in the Petroleum Industry. So why can't he be a SAHD???

The criticisms of Gov. Palin you are referring to are because they can't complain about her past performance without highlighting all that she had done.

Sounds to me like check mate.

enjanerd said...

Or there hasn't been much in her past significant enough to highlight?

I mean, I completely agree about the kid issue. When a person takes a job, their family works out the details. It's not my concern who takes care of whom when.

But, Charlie, I do disagree with the leap you take that people are addressing this simply because they're unwilling to allow her the experience she claims. I think Obama's campaign is directly addressing McCain's experience, so how would this be any different?

Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

enjanerd: When you consider Gov. Palin has ~6 years of executive experience - first as a small town mayor then as a governor - that equals (to say the very least) Sen. Obama's 7 years in the Illinois state senate.

Nineteen of his 36 months in the US Senate has been spent running for office, for which he claims executive experience, but practically speaking that is a gross overstatement on his part.

Time will tell; if Sen. Obama's campaign (and his willing accomplices in the media) point out what they consider to be holes in her experience, then your point will be well made.

But I doubt it will be the case.