September 05, 2008


BabyT went to the preschool open house today.  We are sending him to the same church based preschool that Son went to becuase it is AWESOME and the teachers are great and really love the kids.  Everyone remembered us even though Son hasn't been there in 2 years!
So we get BabyT into his class and he's playing.  I hear one of the mom's telling the teachers that she started potty training her son 3 days ago and it isn't working, so he's in a pullup now.  She asks what she should do.

WHOA!  HOLD ON LADY.  This is a school that makes it very clear children should be potty trained.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Now, I did have a similar problem w/Son - I didn't realize until the weekend before school that potty training was required.  So, luckily he's awesome, and he just put on underwear and went with it.  I remember having some issues on that first day, but other than that he was GREAT - he told me to stop asking him if he needed to go, he'd tell me.  And he did.  For the record, Son was the ONLY child in the 2 year old class that year not to have an accident, by the way (he was also the child with the MOST separation anxiety, but that is beside the point).
So the teacher tells her they MUST be potty trained - they aren't licensed to change diapers and he cannot wear pullups.
So the mom says "Ok, I'll just send him in underwear then".
What the F#@*$@?  You are giong to send a not-potty trained child TO SCHOOL IN UNDERWEAR?  WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? IT IS NOT THE TEACHER'S JOB TO POTTY TRAIN YOUR CHILD!  There are only 2 children, and if one is always cleaning up her son's accidents, then the other kids will get jipped on activities.
The little boy says - "Mom, there's a mess!" and points at a puddle of pee on the floor - which consequently is in between her son and mine.
She quickly feels him and declares LOUDLY, "Nope, not you honey, you're dry!!!!!".
Hmmm.  The kid that is not potty trained is standing next to a puddle of pee and you're insinuating that MY CHILD, the one that has been trained since June has peed on the floor?  And that YOUR SON, the one you KNOW is not potty trained, who is wearing a glorified diaper, didn't do it?
So I walk to BabyT and ask if he's dry and I get the "Duh Mom" look from him.   I say, "No, Tyler's dry".
She checks again...."Oops!  He peed thru the pullup!  I wonder how that happened?"  MORON.  I was seething.  It was a good thing hubby went with us because he probably saved her from a tongue lashing from me.
So I hear her discussing w/the teacher that yes, he's supposed to be potty trained, but she thought it would only take 3 days and doesn't understand why he doesn't get it.  MORON.  There is a reason parents usually fear potty training.  It can be hard.  It can take a while (which is why I started in Freaking JUNE!).  She even asks what their tolerance is - how many accidents can he have before they kick him out.  I would say "NONE.  BRING HIM BACK WHEN HE IS POTTY TRAINED.  IT IS NOT CALLED AN ACCIDENT IF THEY AREN'T TRAINED IN THE FIRST PLACE, THAT'S CALLED NEEDING A DIAPER AND YOUR MOM LETS YOU PEE ON THE FLOOR". 
I can really bet he's not potty trained on #2 either.  I plan on keeping BabyT as far from this lady and her son as I can.  If for no other reason that she apparently thinks it's ok to PLAN for your child to pee anywhere they currently happen to be standing.  I don't have any respect for people that don't follow rules and are gross.  Guess what - the world doesn't revolve around you.
And - guess what else?  She, knowing he isn't potty trained, didn't bring any extra clothes with her (also a smooth move) and DIDN'T LEAVE AFTER HE PEED ALL OVER HIMSELF, instead continued to let him play with all the toys and kids and sit on the carpet and chairs with his urine soaked clothes.  GROSS.
Of course he wandered over to BabyJ and took the toys she had right out of her hands.  And of course, his mother was paying no attention to what he was doing so she didn't say anything to him.  Of course, I did.  And loudly - "Please do not take toys from other children.  That is not how we behave!".  He's lucky BabyJ didn't give him the smackdown that she usually gives her brothers when they take things from her - he would have been crying - but of course, then she would have had his pee all over her as he was SOAKED AND HIS MOTHER DIDN'T EITHER CHANGE HIM OR TAKE HIM HOME.
Gawd.  I don't know why I don't usually make other mommy friends at preschool!

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