September 25, 2008

a terrible morning...

I usually get up at 5:15 to shower and get Son up at 6 for school.

Today I woke up at 7.  WHAT THE HELL?  What do I do - the bus comes at 7:10?  Do I yank Son out of bed and out the door or do I shower?  If I don't shower before the 2 babies get up, I have to take them in the shower with me and that is A GIGANTIC PAIN IN THE BUTT.

I hope in the shower.  Son comes running in saying "We're late!".  I tell him I'll drop him off at school and he promptly loses it.  He wants to ride w/his friends (note it is now probably 7:04).  I tell him to get dressed in the clothes I had put out last night (thank god).

I rush out of shower and downstairs - peel him a banana and tell him to take a bite, put on 1 shoe, take a bite, put on other shoe, etc.  I get his lunch ready and pack his backpack and send him out the door.  (we did all this in SIX MINUTES)

I run upstairs and get myself ready (hair in pony tail today!) and get ToddlerT up and then BabyJ.

I carry them downstairs and see on the island...

All the letter squares that Son's teacher had laminated into one big sheet and asked me to cut out for her for TODAY. #@%@#%@$!

So I stand at the island, cutting out squares and crying...because dammit - there is too much for 1 person to keep track of.  3 kids.  2 schools.  A job.  Commuting.  Feeding, shopping, cleaning, laundry.  The pool broke.  I screwed up the water in the hot tub and had to drain it.  The pump for draining the hot tub wouldn't work.  6 girlfriends coming to stay at my house this weekend.  Cub Scouts.

Finally I get eleventy-hundred freaking squares cut out and realize - now I have to drive 15 miles out of my way AND BACK to take these to Son's school.  And because they don't have a drive-thru (they totally should), I have to get out and haul in the younger two to get in the door of the school to drop them at the office.  @#$@%@$%@%

I get everyone in the car. Crap.  No one has eaten, and with the long ride to Son's school and then to my mom's in traffic, they'll need something.  So I go in and grab some milks and raisins.  Drive to Son's school.  Drag/carry the kids in to drop off the baggie of letters.  Back in the car.  Drive 45 minutes IN WASHINGTON DC TRAFFIC to my mom's.  Now she will be hurried trying to get ToddlerT to school.  Hand her sandals for BabyJ and say, sorry, she has no real shoes because I DON'T HAVE TIME TO GO TO THE MALL AND I'D RATHER STAB MYSELF IN THE EYE THAN DRAG 3 KIDS THRU THE MALL MYSELF AFTER WORK TODAY.

I drive 30 minutes back down the road towards my work (which is right by my house - I make 2 round trips to my mom's on Tues/Thurs. because she lives 30 minutes away - I drive from my house to hers, then to my office, which is right by my  house).

At 2:30, I will drive 7 miles to my house to get Son off the bus.  Then 30 minutes back to my mom's to get the 2 younger kids, then 30 minutes BACK to my house.

And 6 people will be arriving tomorrow for a weekend visit -my house is trashed and we have no food.  Awesome.

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Michelle Smiles said...

Man. You need a wife!