December 22, 2008

What a busy time!

We had ToddlerT's third birthday party yesterday!  How did he get to be 3 already??  It is amazing - and he's such a large child, it's like he's 4 or 5??  But having that party out of the way leaves me open to start prepping for Christmas.  I have 1/20th of the gifts wrapped, which is more than I had done by this time last year!  Only 19/20ths to go!  And I have to bake cookies tonight for gifts for my coworkers.  Then I have to bake all day Wednesday - a pumpkin pie and a birthday cake for the older son.  I am so tired of baking - I think I've worn out the engine on my beloved KitchenAid mixer (it was handed down to me by Hubby's Grandmother - it is one of the original ones, if you believe that).  So, it is old, but is an heirloom and I would hate for it to die.

Anyway -off to PartyCity to return most of the party supplies from ToddlerT's party that we didn't use - none of the kids from his class coud come so we had TONS of extra decorations and party goodies!

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