December 13, 2008

beck & call

one thing i didn't realize before having children is how much you are at their beck & call.  i understood the baby part - the baby cries and you WILL go fix whatever is wrong - but I never considered being at the beck and call of a toddler.  if either toddlerJ or toddlerT is calling - we go running.  Potty time?  we go.  The child is done eating - I hurry to wisk away the dishes and food so it doesn't become playtime with food.  child is done drawing - you rush to put the supplies away before they start doodling on something other than paper.  child is quiet in the other room - run like hell to see what they've gotten into.

before we had kids, I did not foresee the extreme demands on me past their babyhood.  Sure I know you watch the children and play with the children, etc.  But I did expect it to be a bit less demanding over time.  Now when either child gets up, we rush to get them before they wake the other children - so for the last three years, EVERY morning begins, for me, with going from a deep sleep to down the hall in 3.2 seconds.  WHICH IS A SUCKY WAY TO START EVERY GOSH DARN #$@%@ MORNING, BTW.  And we stay at that level of attention until they goto bed at 8.  It is freaking exhausting.    Just some whining, sorry, but I've spent every second since 6:30 this morning at strict attention and I'm a bit tired of it already.  only 9 more hours to go!

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Natalia said...

Yes, beck and call is the name of the game. It changes as they grow. Good and bad at all stages. Wait til they are driving, dating, hanging with kids you don't particularly like but can't put your finger on why until they all end up in trouble together..... enjoy the good and bad as they grow. It all happens so quickly.