October 02, 2006


I am at a conference in Santa Clara, CA!  And I get to stay at the Hyatt!  I'm so excited!  Today is a day of hand-on-training followed by dinner w/my best friend, who happens to live right here!  YAY!  After the last week of having the kids alone (Hubby out of town), I'm beat and this sounds like a big break to me!
Speaking of the kids, we left them w/the in-laws for the FIRST TIME EVER.  They've never not had one of us there.  That was SO HARD, but I'm sure they'll be fine, we left them in wonderful hands.  Unfortuntately, BabyT has a cold, and was up from 2-4 last night.  Hopefully tonight goes better for the babysitters, I hope!  It is so strange to leave them with other people, and have to go over every crazy scenario and where the supplies might be for that crazy scenario.  Of course, from my instruction list, you would think I was totally out of communicaiton or something!

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Anonymous said...

*waving from Sunnyvale* Too bad that you had to come visit on a cool, rainy week!