October 26, 2006

Next time, just ask!

SO last night, BabyT didn't want his medicine - and gagged and threw up when I gave it to him.

So tonight, ready for a fight, I distracted him and got the whole 2.0 mL into his mouth. Since he wasn't ready - you guessed it - gagged and threw up (luckily, I am smart enough to at least be near a sink)...

So I cleaned him up and thought...well, he still needs the medicine. I filled the dropper. Set him on the counter and asked him to open up. Viola. Easy as pie.

I am a dumbass sometimes.


Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

Nah... not a dumbass, just a mom learning the ropes.

Another trick is to administer the dose while the kidlet sleeps (slowly, of course).

As for 2ml droppers, ask your pharmacist. Ours gave us a few that are great!

Hannah said...

I dread having to give my daughter medicine. Glad it worked the second time!