October 13, 2006

Pregnancy #3 or "I don't feel pregnant"

Hm.  We tried so long to get pregnant w/each of our sons, I knew at 9dpo that I indeed WAS pregnant.  With the crazy body-symptom monitoring and the temping, it was HARD to miss.  Remember, I also had clomid for both those cycles.

With a surprise and unmedicated cycle pregnancy, I have NO SYMPTOMS. I would not know now I was pregnant were it not for the pregnancy tests, sonograms, doppler checks on the heartbeat.  Well, except for this huge bump growing straight out the front of my belly.  No symptoms at all.  Well, I'm tired, but that could be taking care of the kids myself for weeks and weeks or being pregnant.  I'm going to guess BOTH.

So, I wish I had a great pregnancy post, but alas, no.  BUT it is SO HARD to eat right w/this one, as I have no spare time to make myself something yummy at dinner time.  And at work, the only decent food that isn't fast food is sandwiches, which are not allowed for pregnant women, so I eat grilled chicken sandwiches from Burger King quite a bit.

So I'm 13 weeks tomorrow, which means only 5 or 6 more weeks until the big sonogram!  That is the exciting date I've got my eye on, let me tell you!!!!

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