March 15, 2005

Odd man....

So this guy just walks into my office, where we have a fancy-schmancy printer that the execs print to (yes, they're always in my office too). He wants to know how to connect to it.

I told him that generally, people aren't allowed to just connect to that printer...if you're allowed, they'll give you the connecting information. Then he starts leaning over ME and MY DESK and wants to see where I print to...

Manners much? He's still wandering around out there. He asked if I'm on XYZ network, yes I am, and decides that he can't see my printer because he's not on that network. Duh. I'm thinking if he knew the name of that network, he knows he's not on it - leave me alone!

UPDATE: he just came in AGAIN to bug the exec printing right now.

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