March 23, 2005

Not my fault!

My son is fascinated with finding fault - everything that happens, he will label whose "fault" it is... (why he does this I have no idea)

So last night I'm washing the rice cooker pot so I can make more rice. Sink won't drain? Turn on the garbage disposal and VOILA - the OTHER side of the sink fills up w/rice and water???? I had put rice down the disposal side last night? Why is it coming up the Non-Disposal side??

Apparently rice is so small, it just goes right thru the disposal - then clogged our drain. Then came back up - GROSS (smelled nice too)...

Hubby had to take the whole drain crap apart (which made a horrendous mess since the drain was full of rice/beef stew and water)...

Now I know.

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Anonymous said...

$200-300 plumming bill