March 28, 2005


thanks everyone for the inquiries and well wishes for the knee! It is better now, and it only hurts when I poke it where the bruises are or take off running after Son. And I was really (REALLY) hoping to start running again this week too :-( Guess I'll start with walking.

Easter was good - we went to PA to see our relatives and had a blast. Son LOVES it there. Cousin A was home from Bucknell, so Son was thrilled. We did a tiny bit o'shopping and I couldn't find anything for me! Nothing! But Son got two bags full of spring clothes (did you know there's no sales tax on clothes there? Fantastic!)

On a much more depressing side, I'm thinking of starting another pity party for myself - anyone want to come?


Anita said...

I'll come to your pity party as long as I have a prominent seat at the table.

I'm good at nothing right now and want to sit in the mud and feel sorry for myself.

Does that get me in?!?!?

girl from florida said...

I have a huge basket of Easter candy... tons of chocolate... want me to bring it?