March 24, 2005

Good job!

So yesterday, Son fell asleep on the way home from my mom's. When we pulled in the garage, I was carrying him into the house to put him in his bed...

And fell.

Because I was carrying my son, and a pesky thing like falling isn't going to hurt my baby, I landed square on my right knee. On the concrete.

I had twisted / mis-stepped w/my left foot so all my weight went onto right leg, which wasn't in weight-position, leg buckled, and down went my weight + Son's 30 pds. on my knee. I think I bounced off the concrete - I have three HUGE bruises (TWO so good they BLED).

Spent last evening w/Knee up and ice.
Almost couldn't walk today. Once I got it loosened up a bit, was able to walk, as long as the knee does not get bent in any I can walk w/a straight leg, but forget bending the knee -it's excrutiating. So forget bending over, sitting down, getting up...all hurt A LOT.

Any doctors out there??


Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

Sorry to hear, but am glad your knee was the only thing hurt.

I'm not physician, but if ice for a day or so doesn't help, you;'d best see someone.

girl from florida said...

You poor thing! Definitely ice and elevate. You may have bruised your bone, though, (worst case scenerio) so go to the doctor if it continues to hurt to put pressure on it. Actually you should def. go to the doctor since you're having trouble bending. Better safe than sorry...

I came over here yesterday, your comment box wouldn't load :(