March 30, 2005

Do we not have enough engineers?

What is wrong with Blogger? I couldn't get into post at all yesterday and am having a hard time commenting around today.

Not much new to report. I hurt my back by sleeping on my stomach. I have a bad S1/S2 joint and the squishy bed must've curved my back in a way my back doesn't like. Feels like those 2 discs are rubbing w/no cartilage in between to soften things. I almost fell down the stairs when they unexpectedly grinded together and it hurt so bad my knees went weak. Thank goodness I wasn't carrying son (he was walking behind me).

Before anyone suggests it - I have been to all the SUPER specialists in the No. Virginia area - none can help. Tried physical therapy. Tried cortisone shots (that was fun), tried resting. MRIs, XRays. Nothing. The closest we got was one dr thought I had stress fractures from running. So when my back is in good shape, no more than 3-4 miles, every other day. More than that brings it right back, where it's 6 weeks to calm back down.

Listening to the radio yesterday, Gretchen Wilson's (yes, sometimes I listen to country) Redneck Woman came on. When she got to the part about buying the "same damn thing on a wal-mart shelf 1/2 price" son said "Hey! We don't talk like that! I don't want to hear that again!" Too funny!


girl from florida said...

You poor thing! I hope your back feels better soon. I'm sure hurting your knee last week threw off your center of balance, putting more strain on your spine. I wish I could help!

your son is such a cutie :)

Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

Re: your son: I have a similar issue with my 9 y.o son. Also a country fan (he and his mom love it), we have to contend with that line and the repeated 'hell yeahs'. Its hard finding music for kids these days that doesn't have a few references like those.

Four years ago someone asked him what his favorite song was; he replied "I have 2 favorites: 'I feel like a woman' and 'How do you like me now?'"

You can't make this stuff up...