September 21, 2006


From recruiting at VA Tech!  Man is it beautiful down there!!!  It was so much fun - we ate TWICE at Macado's!  And ate a lot!  Due to the pregnant status, no going out and partying for me, but that's ok, I was so TIRED after standing up all day at the booth.  I got a TON of cool little gadgets for Son that people were giving away and a RollsRoyce Tshirt for hubby.
Note to college students: WORK HARD at school!  We wouldn't even consider looking at a resume w/a grade point average below 3.3 or so - I KNOW it doesn't matter in the real world, but if you have no work experience or a co-op, it's the only thing we have to judge how hard you work when we are looking at a piece of paper.  Also - we get so many students with high grades AND co-op experience to pick from, why would we be interested in someone who pulled a 2.5?  Once you get that first job, the grade pt. avg doesn't matter anymore (just like the school you went to doesn't matter either), but for the first job, it matters very much.
Anyway, we had a good time, met some great interesting students that will be getting job and internship offers and it is all very exciting!
BTW, 9w4d pregnant today!

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vixanne wigg said...

Er. I hate Tech. But I love Macadoos!!! Haven't been there in a long time. Yum.