September 28, 2006


I watched the Barbara Walters Special last night with Terri Irwin.  That is seriously the saddest show I have EVER SEEN in my life and I cried terribly the whole time.  This is just so sad.  And to see little Bindi giving a eulogy for her father just broke my little heart.  And bless her, she didn't cry or anything. I don't know how she did it, she's only 8.
My thoughts and prayers are with Terri and her children.  I don't know how she's managing to go on.

September 27, 2006

Thoughts and Prayers...

please go visit Girl (GirlFromFlorida)...her grandmother passed away Saturday.
Girl - my thougths and prayers continue to be w/you, H and Amelia.

September 25, 2006


That's how far along I am today - but I don't feel pregnant at all (the doppler assures me the baby seems to be doing fine so far)...this is the first time I've not had any pregnancy symptoms, it's so strange, I actually FORGET that I'm pregnant sometimes (ok, I have the tired-ness syptom, but I have that all the time w/2 kids, so no change there!)...
It is so great to find myself pregnant by surprise! After having issues getting pregnant w/the first two, I had assumed that a surprise pregnancy was NEVER in the cards for me.  It was such a wonderful surprise and such a great gift, I am so thankful everytime I think about it.  I can't wait for April to get here!

September 21, 2006


From recruiting at VA Tech!  Man is it beautiful down there!!!  It was so much fun - we ate TWICE at Macado's!  And ate a lot!  Due to the pregnant status, no going out and partying for me, but that's ok, I was so TIRED after standing up all day at the booth.  I got a TON of cool little gadgets for Son that people were giving away and a RollsRoyce Tshirt for hubby.
Note to college students: WORK HARD at school!  We wouldn't even consider looking at a resume w/a grade point average below 3.3 or so - I KNOW it doesn't matter in the real world, but if you have no work experience or a co-op, it's the only thing we have to judge how hard you work when we are looking at a piece of paper.  Also - we get so many students with high grades AND co-op experience to pick from, why would we be interested in someone who pulled a 2.5?  Once you get that first job, the grade pt. avg doesn't matter anymore (just like the school you went to doesn't matter either), but for the first job, it matters very much.
Anyway, we had a good time, met some great interesting students that will be getting job and internship offers and it is all very exciting!
BTW, 9w4d pregnant today!

September 18, 2006


Yay Tech!  Today I get to head down south to Blacksburg to VT to do college recruiting!  It should be so exciting to see what's new and around town!  I can't wait to get to the bookstore!  By default, I guess I get to be Designated Driver ;-)
We had a great weekend - after complaining to our neighbors Friday night that BabyT doesn't sleep, he slept all night!  But then paid us back by getting up Saturday night every 2 hours.  What the hell?  But anyways, the weekend was relaxing and we spent lots of time marveling at the pool shell that they sprayed in on Friday - we CAN'T wait for it to be done!
Who wants to come over and go swimming?!

September 12, 2006

so. tired. cannot. think.

So BabyT decided to start sleeping thru the night 2 nights before we left for Disney, so of course the vacation screwed up his sleeping again.  And being home screwed it up again - hence the getting up like 3 times last night!  AND SO I am very tired today, given that Disney, while fantastic, was ANTI-RESTFUL.  I am so behind on rest it isn't funny.
AND there will be unveiling of big news on Thursday!  Stay tuned!!!

September 11, 2006

We're Back!

Hi - we're back and TIRED.  There is no tired like doing Disney with a 4 year old and an 8 month old!  Seriously!  But it was fun and I totally have to endorse the Magical Express as a transportation means!  They deliver your luggage to the resort, then deliver it and CHECK IT at the airport for you - so you only have to worry about touching it when you get all the way home!!! How great is that!?

September 08, 2006


Today we are taking a day off from the vacation and just LOUNGING AROUND THE HOTEL!  It feels great already!  We're going to hit the HUGE pool and Son wants to do some of the hotel/Disney activities offered today (like cookie decorating and making ceramics!) ... I think I may sneak off to the spa!
So far, vacation is great - but it is a lot of work lugging the stuff needed for BabyT around Disney!
I apologize, I got no surfing in this week, so I'm hoping to visit all you wonderful peoples when we get back early Sunday!

September 05, 2006

another day in paradise...

Morning spent at MGM Studios.  LOVED IT - Son and BabyT got lots of pics w/charactes, as the park is EMPTY.  It is great and so worth the $$ if the park is empty!  You get so much for your money!
Then the afternoon and dinner back at the Magic Kingdom, where we burped the ghosts away on the Haunted Mansion and Hunted Zurg on the Buzz Lightyear ride.
I couldn't ask for more.

we made it!

Hi!  We're in sunny Florida@ DineyWorld's ANIMAL KINGDOM RESORT and it is great!  So magical in fact, BabyT slept all night!  more later....