June 25, 2007

best night ever!

BOTH babies slept thru the night!

We had a busy day yesterday with a visit to see my Grandparents and then swimming with Uncle S in the new pool.  I don't know if that is what did it or not, I'm just thankful for a nights worth of sleep!!!

And how are you this lovely Monday morning?  Do tell!

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Deborah said...

My 6 month old woke up every half hour until about 11pm when the smoke alarms all went off for about ten seconds, then turned off. It was enough to freak hubby and I out and wake baby up completely. I think we drifted off to sleep around 12:30 or so with the light on, in case the "boogy man" decided to come back and turn the alarms on again. And then, of course, up at 5am as usual... I am happy to hear you got sleep though.