August 27, 2007

frustration w/school...

Son starts Kindergarten next TUESDAY.  The school system has not yet bothered to inform us of which session he is in (AM OR PM), nor which teacher he gets.

Now the teacher thing is not a big deal, as I do not have a preference.  But as a working parent, I need to know AM or PM to make arrangements accordingly.

Last Thursday they promised it would be in my mailbox Saturday.  Also that the principal would call me back.  Neither happened.  After I retrieved today's mail, which STILL contained no letter, I called again.  They promised it would have been in today's mail, which I informed her I was only calling because I got the mail and, NOPE, NO LETTER.  I explained that at best I have 4 business days as of RIGHT NOW to make arrangements, and getting the letter tomorrow leaves me THREE.  Though I have no faith, based on THEIR past lying to me about when they sent the letters, that I'll get a letter tomorrow.  I asked AGAIN that the principal please call me back.

Stay tuned.

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Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

Don't let anyone con you to think the schooling is anything like a higher-calling.

If you performed in a similar manner, you'd never excel in your job, and you would likely be fired.

But when there is no competition, well ...