May 01, 2008

Product Reviews: Seventh Generation Dishwasher detergent vs. Palmolive ECO

When we first decided to be greener at our house, I bought the Seventh Generation Powdered detergent for the dishwasher because everyone RAVES about their products.  Also, since I put my dishes pretty darn clean into the dishwaher anyway, I don't really need a harsh/super strong detergent --> an aside: I believe in the power of soaking.  I will use a bowl that is already dirty, let it fill w/water as I use the sink all day then put the silverware into it to soak until I'm ready to load the dishwasher, that way most of the food is off the silverware before it goes in and I didn't have to do any work!  I also leave dishes under the faucet to get water run on them all day for a constant soak, so they also are pretty darn clean going into the dishwasher - same w/glasses.
Anyway - the first couple of loads were fine, though hubby complained about the goopy detergent that was being left in the dispenser.  Over time I noticed all the glassware getting hazy - a problem I've NEVER had before - and all my spoons were getting the haze too (just the spoons!).
So I switched to Seventh Generation Liquid, since my Target doesn't sell the Method dish detergent and Whole Foods is too far for a special trip.  It was no better, though it didn't leave soap in the dispenser.
So when I ran out I bought Palmolive ECO - WHAT A DIFFERENCE!  All of the haze is GONE GONE GONE!  I love this stuff (a liquid) and recommend it WAY OVER the Seventh Generation stuff!

*Note this is not a paid/supported review, just my findings over time!


Anonymous said...

You might try Ecover instead.

Palmolive Eco has chlorine bleach, but you wouldn't know that right off since they aren't honest enough to list their ingredients. You have to read the warning on the back. It's greenwash.

Anonymous said...

The prior comment is exactly right - a pure case of greenwash. Also, the Palmolive product leaves a chalky substance on dishes (my own experience and a consistent compaint on epinions). The chalky stuff eventually clogged up our new dishwasher and required several vinegar rinses of the machine.