February 03, 2009


ToddlerT was coming down the ladder to the older son's slide bed.  He slipped and whacked his face against the top of the post - somehow putting his top left incisor into the outside of his cheek??!!  I happened to be coming in there to turn out the light and heard the "WHONK!  AYIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE".  I ran to him, saw blood, and went screaming down the stairs.  So all hubby hears is me screaming then looks up to see me, holding a child bleeding PROFUSELY out his mouth.  I'm sure that was awesome - it was smeared all over his chest in no time and his hands and all over his face.  We had to clean him up to assess --> I think he needs one stitch or skin glue.  It seems to be a hole, not a cut?  They should be there by now and I'll update when I hear from them.

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