June 27, 2009

The story of the bikini!

Well - last weekend Hubby was in VA Beach for work. Saturday was rainy and gross here so I threw the kids in the car and we went down to see him! In order to be able to get the bathing suits quickly, I put them in a separate bag so we didn't have to open the suitcase in order to hit the beach. I'm sure you can see where this is going!

So we check into the Sheraton and ! NO BEACH BAG! Yikes! Now, I know they SELL swimsuits at the beach. And I know it generally takes a month of searching for me to find something I consider acceptable to be seen in. So now I have 10 minutes at a crappy beach store? GOOD LUCK.

So - being a mom of three, I generally opt for a tankini. Ok, forget generally. ALWAYS. BUT at the beach, unless you wear a size 24 (I wear a size 6) you won't get a tankini or 1 piece. You will buy a bikini. CRAP. SO I pick out a cute one and off I go.

Well what do you know? I LOVED IT! AND IT DIDN'T LOOK AS BAD AS I THOUGHT! Apparently w/the tankini, not only is it generally not super-flattering anyway, I look uncomfortable, which makes it look LESS Flattering. And hubby says everyone can tell what I'm hiding anyway....so BIKINI it is from now on! I did go splurge on an awesome one this week, as I don't think the beach one will survive the washing machine (though it IS cute)...

GO ME! Bringing sexy back (and the bikini!)!

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enjanerd said...


Even without the 3 kids excuse, it took me years to be comfortable enough to go out in a bikini and now that's all I have except for an exercise 1-piece. Glad you found some you like. Go you! :)