July 05, 2011

Bad luck...

  • Last month - upstairs heat pump dies. $200 for temp fix,  $6,000 for new unit
  • Kitchen faucet springs a leak and fills lower cabinet - new faucet at 11 p.m. (also not cheap!)
  • Truck mirror and door handle break. $200 (thank GOODNESS for the extended warranty)
  • Last week: downstairs furnace breaks.  $200 for a temporary fix, HVAC guy suggests $3,200 for a new unit (also, thank goodness we have an HVAC guy in the family or this would be a MUCH SADDER post)
  • 10 year old HE3T washer (the first production year) makes an AWFUL noise w/each load but is still washing - is it next??  PLEASE NO!

1 comment:

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