November 06, 2012
Princess Loves: Bolthouse Farms' GREEN GOODNESS!
It's good for you!

I eat TERRIBLY.  I do not like any (ANY!) fruits or veggies!  I love red meats and potatoes!  I drink too much diet coke.

So the one thing I CAN tolerate is Green Goodness - to me, it's yummy, but my normal food eating friends actually don't like it?

It's full of good stuff that there is NO WAY I could eat on it's own: Kiwi, mango, banana (ok, I could suffer thru one of these if I had to), pineapple, spinach, broccoli, spirulina, barley grass, wheat grass, garlic, blue green algae, artichoke and apples.

Seriously.  It's delicious.


Blogger Cog said...

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Im sorta looking for atha stuff in the next n i landed on your page. it would crazee if you replied. its a good thing you voted. :)

u may or may not reply to this i guess we will see.

i have get home b4 8pm...later hi maintanance lady

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