September 09, 2015

Princess Loves: Asics Gel Kayano Running Shoes!

This post is NOT SPONSORED. I buy all my own running shoes!

These are my all-time favorite running shoes, and as I had my first run of the week where THERE IS NO CHEMO (YAY!), I actually ENJOYED running for the first time since June 16 (day I started Taxol).  So this is an ode to the shoes that get me there, and got me here.

Asics Gel Kayano!  I am always one number back of current year because I buy them cheaper, but hey, I would buy the new colors if I could!

These are mine! I slightly pronate and these shoes help a runner with a slight pronation.  Plenty of support, padding, and durability.  One pair generally lasts me about 250 miles - but that is more a function of my knees than the shoes lack of staying power.  I am a total nut about keeping my shoes clean also - my running shoes always still look brand new by the time I'm done with them!


enjanerd said...

Gasp! Chemo?? Glad you're up and running. Hope life is treating you well!

Swistle said...

OMG, I LOVE this one: