April 03, 2007


omg.  am still amazingly tired, despite 8 hours (although I got up once w/Son and twice to pee) of sleep.  I cannot WAIT for my first post-baby nap - you sleep so well once you're not pregnant!

The nursery is coming along!  It's not done, but it's close enough to bring baby home.  We will be working on it shortly though.

Son is off this week on spring break.  We are LOVING the warm weather.  BabyT is amazing.  Last summer, hubby made our playground more challenging, to suit the advanced atheletic ability of our older son.  WELL - BabyT is able to walk up the super steep climbing wall, ladder and slide un-assisted.  Amazing.

Son starts soccer again next week, which is also very exciting!

Me, I'm just waiting.  18 pounds up so far w/this pregnancy, which is GREAT for me.  Considering you usually come home from the hospital 20 pds lighter, I think this will work out just fine.

Over and out - man, i really wish i had time for a nap!

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bethiclaus said...

Only 18 pounds? You are doing awesome!