April 03, 2007

Westminster Security....

we get a bill from them, I call today to set us up on an auto-charge to our credit card.
ME: hello.  I would like to set us up on the auto-pay program.
Westminster Employee (WE): do you have your bill?
ME: yes
WE: fill out the back and mail it to us w/the credit card info.
ME: well, everytime we or our online banking service has EVER tried to mail you anything, you guys mail it back saying invalid account number.
WE: well, use our new mailing address this time.
ME: no, it gets TO you.  But you guys always send it back.  I thought this was already set up to auto-pay anyway, which we would have set up ON THE PHONE, since you always return our mail.
WE: what is your account number?  Let's verify that you are using the right one.
ME: ( i read her the number ) and we always send in your payment slip, w/the number on it.
WE: well, i can't take that info on the phone for an auto-pay, but I can take it for a one time payment.
ME: I don't want to pay you just this once, I'd like to setup autopay
WE: well, we just moved,  If you use the new address it shouldn't get returned to you
ME: no, it always GETS to you, you guys just keep sending it back
WE: wait, you were charged on March 20 for this.
ME: thru auto-pay?
WE: yes

ME: then why did you send me an invoice?  And if you have me setup on auto-pay, it's because we did it on the PHONE because you never accept our mail!
WE: I JUST TOLD YOU, we got a new computer system.  You got an invoice even though you're on auto-pay.
ME: ?  That doesn't make any sense.
WE: because it's a new system, it sent invoices out that aren't right
ME: sounds like a great system.
WE: so you don't owe anything.
ME: even though YOU sent ME a bill?
WE: correct.
ME: okey dokey then - this has been a great conversation!

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