July 31, 2007

are you watching what I'm watching?

One thing about having a baby...I'm FORCED to sit down and feed her every few hours or so, and there's really nothing else to do but...WATCH TV!  One of my faovrite activities!  So here are my current fave shows...tell me about anything I'm missing ( I just found out about "Ice Road Truckers" and I love it - I'm afraid I'm missing something else good!)

Deadliest Catch - apparently there are THREE season of this great show.  I think I've seen all of them, but I keep recording it in case they show one I haven't seen.

Ice Road Truckers - love it.  I had no idea anything like this went on (just like Deadliest Catch).

Big Brother 8 - it is REALLY good this summer. I want Evil Dick to win it!

My standard Oprah and Dr. Phil get recorded every day to see if they do something interesting.

Flip THIS House ( please note, not "Flip THAT House", which is a different show ) - these are experienced flippers (?) with companies that are doing really well.  I really like the Montelongos the best.

The Real Estate Pros.  Another real estate investment company w/a show, but the owner seems to be a big hearted guy, always doing generous things and believing in people and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ginger!

Big Medicine.  Anyone watching this?  Apparently they are the #1 gastric bypass docs and this showcases some of their patients surgery and recovery.  VERY interesting, though I get a little irritated when the patients get turned down by their gov't insurance plans and get upset.  HELLO?  How did you get to be 750 pounds (seriously)?  It is not the gov't (and therefore MY) responsibility to pay for this kind of surgery when these people ate themselves into obesity (if medical problems were making them heavy, the surgery wouldn't work- these people simply overeat).  When they show what they eat per day, it's mind-shocking.  No wonder.

Random documentaries - I'm always on the lookout for documentaries.  I LOVE them and can't resist.  There was one just on, "I eat 33,000 calories a day", the Discovery Channel and it was fascinating.  Any other documentary fans?  I need suggestions!

Jon and Kate + 8 - this couple is amazing!  They have twins and SEXTUPLETS.  And they haven't lost their mind!  Makes me feel bad for having a rough day sometimes when I have only 3!  She even says once, "having triplets sounds so easy!".

Are there more??

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