July 22, 2007


I make a promise, and here it is 10:55 and I'm just sitting down!!

BabyJ!  She can roll over FRONT to BACK and does so repeatedly.  Usually they roll the other way first!  Also, she is trying to sit up out of her bouncy seat, which is neat and astounding and all, but makes it hard to leave her in the bouncy seat.  Especially since she loves it so much!  And the babbling!  I've never heard a baby talk CONSTANTLY.  I think, because our house is so crazy and noisy w/the 2 boys, she's talking too, since it seems to her that our mouths are always running too!

BabyT...whew!  What a BUSY boy.  He is into everything, although he couldn't be cuter.  He says "Morning!" when you see him in the morning.  He does a high five then "pound it!" w/the fists (a high-five w/the fist instead of open palm) and it is so cute.  He's also getting the concept of a multiple word sentence...he's indicating to me that he wants me to put the "baby" "down" in her "fish" chair.  When I say no, he'll suggest every other play area she has, it is so cute.

Son.  He is now the MASTER swimmer.  He goes off our pool slide head first and swims for a bit underwater before coming up for air.  He's fascinated by pointing out differences (like those games, which of 4 images is different).  For example, there are a ton of different Transformers out there, a lot of them are Optimus Prime (the #1 good guy) in different colors/poses, etc and he delights in telling me exactly what makes each one different, specifically.

Whew -i've got to get to bed...more later!!!

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