September 07, 2007

don't get too secure!

Having my third child, hubby and I feel like old pros.  We know how to handle babies and toddlers and feel like we're doing well w/the older son.  We've been working on writing and reading for a while and feel that he's one of the more advanced in his class.  We felt like we had this kid thing down and were just cruising.

Then he went to Kindergarten.

And we stopped cruising.  Now, I DON'T get to pick his school, or his days, or his schedule.  I don't like it ONE BIT.  Then we hear conflicting stories from him about how his days go and kids that do and don't play with him, do and don't sit on the bus, etc. and we are rattled to the core.  Just like we are first time parents w/a sick child all over again, we're nervous and discussing scenarios and what-ifs and should we call the school, etc.  I guess it never ends huh, the new stuff?

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