December 10, 2007

just ... wow.

I did not know Disney could be so wonderful.  If you've ever seen your own children's faces light up out of sheer amazement, wonder, joy or happiness, it is amazing.  And wonderful.  And worth every painful minute of hauling a toddler, a baby, and a young child around Disney (which is no small feat).

There was...

* fear.  BabyT was TERRIFIED of the characters for the first NINE DAYS we were at Disney.  On the afternoon of day 10, he started to LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  Seriously.  He freaked so bad at one point, he threw up.  Hubby had to leave more than 1 character meal because BabyT couldn't be within EYESIGHT of a character or the Cast Members that protect them.

* pure happiness and delight.  We saw this at different times on the faces of all three children (BabyJ LOVES LOVES LOVES all characters and tries to eat them).

* falling.  I tripped while holding BabyJ and landed on the concrete.  She didn't get a scratch but I was a bloody mess.

* new restaurants!  We discovered many new secret places to eat that we had not been to in 11 years worth of trips to Disney!

* shopping!  MAN the shopping!

* Disney Dining Plan!  Man is this the money saving food generating way to go!  We got way too much food on our plan, more than we could ever eat and it was all included!

* new resorts!  We saw the Boardwalk resort for the first time and I think I'm lobbying to stay there next December.

* did I say food?  We ate ate and ate.  There was no way anything we could eat could keep up w/the energy we were expending carrying the kiddies around.

All in all, ALL FIVE of us had a fabulous time and it was worth every penny, every scrape, and every bead of sweat and more!

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vixanne wigg said...

I didn't know you went to Disney! That's what I get for not checking your blog in a long time. Glad you had fun!