December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Well hello there!  Merry Christmas!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday full of family and love!  We had a wonderful holiday - you can't get better than an almost-6-year old and a two year old at Christmas.  There was a LOT OF SQUEALING and children jumping up and down with excitement and happiness.  And that twinkle in their eyes that the day was indeed magical for them!  It started with tracking Santa on Christmas Eve day (thanks Charlie!!) then carried thru right up until bedtime Christmas night!

I purchased ROCKB*AND for my hubby.  What a great great great game.  We've already had a ton of fun playing it and doing the songs!  I apparently ROCK at vocals and score something like 92% each time (you need to be able to follow well for vocal and it doesn't rate your ACTUAL SOUND, just that your voice is starting/stopping at the right parts, you're holding notes long enough and inflecting your voice correctly.  Which is good, because I SOUND like a dying cat!)... anyway, if you are at all into video games, I highly suggest this one for family fun!

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