February 05, 2008

and he thought I was kidding.

The OB did, when I asked him what I could do about my what-appears-to-be-permanent mommy-belly.  Seriously, after three kids, I expected my tummy back?  When TWO of the children were big (and one of them GIGANTIC)?  Apparently this was funny to ask.  I, however, didn't think it was funny.

It is NOT fun to be told that, well, your abdominal wall is just shot and that there is one way to fix it --> tummy tuck.  Exercise, which helps, isn't going to fix it (duh, I knew that, but I did think it would help more than it has).


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Sandy C. said...

*sigh*...the things we sacrifice for motherhood. I feel your pain.

Pooch belly mama here too.