February 17, 2008


I did NOT KNOW that John Rich had a reality show!  It's called Gone Country and it's fabulous!  He takes artist from other genres of music and is giving them a chance to cut a country single.

We have Bobby Brown, Dee Schnieder (from Twisted Sister), Maureen that played Marsha Brady, Carnie Philips, Julio Iglesias JR., and some chick from American Idol.  Oh, and Sisqo (The Thong Song guy).  It's great, and who doesn't love John Rich?!  He is so...so....HIM.  He's a great artist with great insight.  I always have a lot more respect for artists that write their own music and he writes his own and a lot of the other country music out there.  It's worth tuning in!  And they show his awesome house, Gretchen Wilson's farm and who knows what else!

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