March 25, 2008

menu planning works for me!

One of the websites I read says that menu planning will save you lots of $$ because you can goto the store with a list of only what you need to buy to feed your family for that week.

Since our grocery bill (5 people!) has gotten out of control - the rising prices are killing us, especially since I try to buy Organic if it's an option for that product (they make organic chocolate!) - we're looking at EASILY $200 a week (and that doesn't include formula for the baby).

So yesterday I made my menu for the week (which doesn't include fast food or restaurant food for the whole week and went to the store.  Well, pizzas were on sale, so I bought 5.  And I bought baby cereal, ice cream (buy 1 get 1 free!), walnuts (heart healthy!), a jug of gatorade, and a couple of other things that weren't on the list.

The total: $130!  So I got everything we needed, plus a few bonuses and spent way less!  YAY!

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