March 20, 2008

so, um yeah - SKIING!

We went to Snowmass, CO with Hubby's parents.  What a trip!

For the first time in YEARS, I got to ski!  And not only SKI, but ski EVERY DAY.  FOR TWO HOURS.  With hubby!  Without children!  It was AWESOME! 

I spent Monday - Thursday working on my technique (which was crappy).  I can get down any slope (Jupiter Bowl in Deer Valley?  Where they did the OLYMPICS?  Check!  I can get down it - not ski it well, but I didn't die!).  But I wanted to ski more like all those rich people skiing around who get to ski more often than once every six years!  So I worked and worked and worked on my technique.  And I improved!  Yay me!  I even went down the Campground Run - which is a BLACK!  And a Black on the west coast is WAY HARDER (steeper!  LONGER!  STEEPER!) than a black on the east coast skiing.  I laugh at blacks on the east coast, because EVEN if you find them scary, they only last 1/8 of the time the ones out west do!  But I did it!  And I didn't do too bad!

But then Thursday night, we got snow.  At the base of the mountain, it was like 16 - 19 inches, easily 2 feet at the top.  I've never skied that much fresh powder before, so out we went into the blizzard (it was still snowing like crazy Friday morning).  And the first thing I did was fall down! Into 2 feet of powder.  Which is pretty much like falling into 2 feet of water - you get submerged.  It was neat!  So I went down the green as I was a bit shaken - skiing in 2 feet of powder is nothing like skiing on a well used run!  MISTAKE!  Apparently no one skis green slopes in that much powder because the powder makes you go so slow.  SO I was skiing on totally unskied territory and I was alone.  And terrified I was going to screw up in all that mush and go flying off the mountain.  But they had run a snowmobile around the slope for morons like me so I just went in it's track and finally got to where the run crossed where Hubby was waiting for me.  But by the end of our time, I had improved my powder skillz as well, aren't you proud?

And SON?  He is an awesome skier!  We skied with him a couple of times (he was in ski school all day and loving it) and he blows our minds!  He tried to ski thru the woods!  And tried to get over to the jumps!  Thank goodness he didn't see those things in time to ski over to get to them!

Anyway - more on what we did that wasn't skiing coming up next!

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