September 11, 2009

Eight years ago.

I remember vividly (like we all do).

I was driving to work - in my super large SUV gas guzzler. I was 6 mos pregnant. I heard on the news a plane hit a building and thought "wow, that sucks. What an accident". And changed the station.

When I got to work, about 5 minutes later, a co-worker told me again. Yeah, I heard, that is terrible! And sat down - goodness I was ALREADY tired from having to shower and drive to work ( I was a horrible complainy pregnant woman ).

When the second plane hit, the co-workers wife called and told us. Stunned, to say the least.

Shortly thereafter everyone realized it was TERRORISM and not an accident. The local news was going CRAZY. We live in the DC Metro area, literally at the end of the runways of Dulles Airport. They grounded all planes. Planes were still missing.

Our office sent us home. I sat in traffic on the way west to our house in Leesburg. Thankful every minute that I drove an SUV and should I need to, I could just drive around all this frustrating traffic and either get home or get to our "safety point" 262 miles south in Blacksburg, VA.

My husband is a contractor for a government office that demand he stay in the building during this craziness, even thought the government officially released all employees.

As a wife I was terrified. There were still news reports of planes missing and circling the DC area looking for government buildings to hit. I couldn't barely watch the news of the tragedy that had happened, waiting for the NEXT tragedy. The one that would take my husband. My phone didn't stop ringing, as my husband's family figured out why he wasn't home yet. I sat and cried and prayed. For all that were missing and for my husband, that nothing else bad would happen.

For me, my life was impacted, but I did not lose the love of my life that day. I saw those people on the shows after 9/11. Today, as I read the different memorials, I think of those still living and I hope the wifes/husbands/children are finding a way to deal w/the pain of today.

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