September 04, 2009

that long?

WOW! It's been that long eh? We went to the beach (did I tell you that?) then I switched jobs.

I went from 25 hours w/some from home in a swanky cushy office to back to "customer" space in a gross office where we have no control over our machines and space. And a 30 hour work week with no hours from home - a big change. So I've been a bit swamped. And hubby is on a business trip for the next 10 weeks. No wonder I'm tired!

BabyJ is starting preschool - she got potty trained the second day I had her in underwear full time and just started taking care of those issues by herself! She breaks the record among my kids of youngest to train!

ToddlerT is going back to the 3 year old class and Son just had his school orientation today for SECOND GRADE. How did that happen??!!

Anyway - I will try to post more often, and MAYBE even something interesting to read!! hahahahaha i know i know. You'll believe it when you see it!

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