December 21, 2010

a letter to the CEO of Best Buy...

Mr. Dunn - we ordered a 50 inch tv for my mother, to be delivered TODAY.  We did not receive a phone call yesterday to scheduled delivery so I called your customer service line.

After holding for 15 MINUTES, the customer service rep informed me:

1.  the tv is NOT scheduled for delivery.  Will probably NOT BE delivered in time for Christmas.
2.  they have no idea why the delivery department is NOT CALLING customers
3.  I cannot reschedule it because my HUSBAND ordered it - even though I told her I could answer ANY Security question she might have to verify that I am on the account.

But mostly it is #1 and #2 above - that a TV ordered on Dec. 14 is not delivered, and an attempt to contact us was not made.

What are you going to do to remedy this situation?  I worked for Nordstrom for 7 years through high school and college.  I know what a customer-service dedicated company can do.  Impress me, please.

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