December 23, 2010

JC PENNY, here comes the bad review!

In the email I rec'd for my DEC 17 order it says "Most items ship from our warehouse the next business day after your order is submitted. Orders containing back ordered items may be consolidated and ship on the back ordered date indicated."

I purchased these items for a CHRISTMAS PROMOTION on Dec. 17, for FREE SHIPPING DAY.  NO WHERE was it indicated that the items would NOT be delivered for Christmas and furthermore, it took 4 business days for my items to get to UPS, meaning they are scheduled for DEC 28 with is DECIDEDLY Not useful.

1. The promotion SHOULD State that even though it is a CHRISTMAS promotion, items are NOT for Christmas delivery.
2. Why did my items take SO  long to leave your warehouse?   If they had left on time, they might have made it.

So now my grandfather, with his wife newly in a nursing home, will not have a gift from me. THANK YOU JC Penny.  I will remember this as well as I will post it to my blog, twitter, and tumblr accounts.

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