January 10, 2011
Princess Loves: Magic Mouse
So...today I started an Android training class.  I have my MacBook Pro (from work) for programming, but I'm a Windows programmer because that's all the customer lets us use.  So I haven't developed on my Mac in 2 years.  So to do the training, which requires switching from PDF to Eclipse, to the Android Emulator, to the error catcher, to Firefox and coding, it is a PAIN to use the touchpad when you're out of practice.  I texted my hubby, thinking he'd pick me up a tiny mouse from Target...what I got was this:

He is wonderful.  It is a Magic Mouse - it just WORKS with my laptop and you can swipe to control instead of using a track wheel!  It is TEH BOMB, Seriously.  GET ONE.

(this post is in NO WAY compensated.  My hubby just bought me something nice.)


Anonymous rapidetox said...

This looks cool!

Blogger Braydon said...

nice pics to see
non voice projects

Blogger dadang raja said...

nice picture

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