March 13, 2007

About vacation!

It was wonderful!
Son turned from a learning ski person to a fantastic skier in one week!  He was leading dad all around the mountain, picking out which lift and trail he'd like to try next!  They did a little terrain park even!  He's trying to teach himself jumps (oh, my heart!)...

BabyT was fantastic - every day we'd go out and play in the snow, make snowballs, and dig.  Also to watch Son ski (we were right on the slope) and watch him ride the big lift (a 6 chair!).
Wonderful food - lots of steak.
And so much activity, I LOST a pound - and since BabyGirl gained 1/2 a pound, I actually lost 1.5 pounds!  Unbelieveable that I was that active (trust me, if you saw the GIANT belly, you wouldn't think I could walk).

So - vacation w/2 little kids across the country = piece of cake and MUCH fun for everyone.  I thought it would be harder than that, really I did.  But w/2 easy going kids and some planning (like portable tvs for each of them --> ARCHOS players) it was a breeze!  And some little trinkets to pass out when they were antsy (4 hour plane ride, then 3 hour car ride to and from the resort).
I have to give UNITED AIRLINES it's due for totally sucking though.  They overbooked the flight both ways, so there were a ton of people bumped (thank god not us!).  Then we were all boarded for the flight home.  They announced that we would wait for the first officer then leave.  30 MINUTES later, some REGULAR passenger shows up and the close the door behind him.  SO we all sat and waited 30 minutes for this guy?  Come ON, be on time or be left behind.  And there were at least 20 people that HAD tickets and WERE on time that didn't get on the plane?  Where's the fairness in that?  When we landed, they had to announce that a whole bunch of people on our flight missed their connector since we were "so late".  Nice.  Some of them were going to FRANCE.  Not likely they could just catch a later flight that night, right?  All for ONE GUY.  Please.  And the seats on the flight home were so small and so close together we were massively uncomfortable.  I couldn't put my seat back because big ol' hubby was behind me and i was PRAYING the lady in front of me didn't put her seat down - as it was, I couldn't put the tray table down because of the belly.  I don't know what larger people do in situations like this, as I am really not THAT big (I've only gained 18 pounds in my 35 weeks).
Anyway, we had fun, now we're back!

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Anonymous said...

I don't know you but sounds like you need to update your profile - you say one sone - sounds like you have two and a baby on the way! Whew!